20 Funny And Strange Photos Captured By Walmart Security Cameras

20 Funny And Strange Photos Captured By Walmart Security Cameras

Walmart is an interesting place. From produce to the latest tech finds, you can basically purchase anything there for a reasonable price. Aside from its purchasable goods, the corporation is something of a social phenomenon. Walmart tends to attract some interesting customers.

It could be the fluorescent lights that attract them, like moths to a flame.
The one stop shopping they can do.
The cheap prices.

The walmart clientele is in part also made up of eccentric people such as:

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Ultimately though, a reason for Walmarts unusual customers is irrelevant because the security footage from various Walmarts paints an interesting and hilarious picture. The best family bonding time happens during a Walmart shopping trip, wearing matching leopard onesies. Take notes for your next family outing.

2 –


Nothing like picking up some groceries before you hit the club. You never know when you will want to have fresh ingredients on you, so it’s best to be prepared. Sometimes you just have to dress to impress, even when you’re grocery shopping.

3 –


What could this woman be wearing? Is it a shirt? A curtain hiding a surprise underneath? You’ll just have to use your imagination for this one, folks.

4 –



Seriously, what’s even the point of clothing at that level of cover? Just throw some random swatches of paint on your body for color and call it a day.

5 –


Check out the size of that ponytail. I wonder how long it took this person to grow it Someone get this guy a Supercuts gift card!

6 –


Shopping is exhausting, but can we all refrain from taking a nap in the aisles of Walmart?

7 –


Walmart is a place you can go and be yourself, just like this guy. Hey, anyone who can rock a pink wig is okay in my books.

8 –


It’s just Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (in a scooter) doing a lot of shopping. Nothing to see here folks.

9 –


If you’re ever doing a photoshoot but need inspiration for the best background, don’t discount the cheese aisle at Walmart. As you can see, it pulls everything in this picture together nicely.

10 –


Let’s not neglect the Walmart parking lot. Lots of interesting people waiting to say ‘hi’ and be your friend there.

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Are you wondering what you’re looking at? Those long pink tendrils are her nails. Whatever floats her boat, I guess!Are you wondering what you’re looking at? Those long pink tendrils are her nails. Whatever floats her boat, I guess!

12 –


This gallery is probably giving you a lot of inspo for new hairstyles and trends to try out. Look no further than this guy’s cool hair.

13 –


Well, there is sideboob and then there is t-shirt negligence. Wanna guess where you fall under?

14 –


Another fashion trend spotted at Walmart. Fuchsia thigh warmers with some fashionable sandals. Walmart is like New York Fashion Week!

15 –


These days it may seem like there is nothing we can all come together and agree on. You can’t quite see it in the picture, but this lady is wearing some super tight, flesh colored leggings. Here’s one thing, flesh colored leggings do not belong on anyone

16 –


I suppose I can understand the whole S&M fetish thing but there are safe words for a reason. You can still say no.

17 –


Is that the fire guy from Suicide Squad?

18 –


The fat guy food pyramid. Well technically the pyramid is flipped because it certainly doesn’t get skinnier at the top.

19 –


It’s Bike Week down here in beautiful sunny Myrtle Beach. We tried to find the most PG rated pic we could find at Walmart to share the fun with you guys!

20 –




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