30 Photos Of Kids Taking A Quick Snooze In Odd Places

30 Photos Of Kids Taking A Quick Snooze In Odd Places

Though kids are notorious for keeping their parents from sleeping, they can apparently pass out almost anywhere for a quick snooze. Whether they’re at the grocery store, at a restaurant, or just in the hallway, many kids seem happy to make due with wherever they are to get some sleep.

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      My son on New Year’s Eve.
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      On the ground outside Magic Kingdom with a pillow of cotton candy.
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      She won’t sleep for me, driving around in a car doesn’t work, cuddling — nope, but leave her with a babysitter and I get photos like this.
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      Disney World in Florida — we flew from Ireland.
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      When she was little she could fall asleep anywhere — this was just one of the places!
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      Jumping on the trampoline is hard!!
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      My husband sent this to me shortly after I went back to work, still cracks me up! She was a chronic non-napper until she hit this age, so it was totally unexpected for my husband!
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      Dozing off behind the wheel.
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      My daughter a few years back. Totally wasn’t expecting to find her like this, but it made for a great memory… and possibly future blackmail. LOL
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      On our lake vacay in South Carolina. We pushed him into the shade and our little fish took a 3-hour nap.
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      He couldn’t even stay awake at the ice cream shop, poor thing.
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      My baby boy said he was going to play and fell asleep on a box in the hallway.
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      Monster jam rally. At the end, when the trucks go all out.

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    Sydney Airport, on the way to a USA holiday. My 5-year-old decided to sleep prior to the 14-hour flight and not much during.
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    We took too long grocery shopping, but my husband tried to make him a little more comfortable by providing the paper towels.
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    My daughter had her own social media hashtag for all the random places she would fall asleep.
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    He fell asleep getting his hair cut and had everybody in the shop laughing!
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    On the kitchen floor, after his 3rd birthday party.
  • 22
    Literally sleeping on a bed of pillows! LOL
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    Fell asleep riding her new trike!
  • 24
    He made it into his cubby.
  • 25
    His first time skiing, while going down the hill! “Stand up buddy…Leo? Leo?” He was snoozing away… he just didn’t want to stop.
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    My son falls asleep in a lot of random places! Who sleeps squatting!?
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    Almost made it! We were waiting to go pick her brother up from school, and she crawled over to her car seat and passed out!
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    One of my faves. An old but priceless pic of my second son. He was about 4 years old here.
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    He was playing, getting in and out and hiding from me. I was folding laundry, next thing I know he was sleeping.
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    This is a chair in our dining room — her mid-day nap was not long enough I guess, so she fell asleep again after waking up 🙂 She slept there for another 25 minutes. I checked up on her a couple of times, just to make sure she does not fall off of the chair…
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    My daughter, Lucy, sleeps in the most bizarre positions! So much so, that my Facebook friends think I should make a book of all of her sleeping poses. Here she is after sleep-walking into the living room, where she promptly fell back asleep like this!

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