8 People Just Trying Their Hardest

When I was a teenager, I would look at my parents and think, “How are they so out of touch with what’s cool? When I’m a parent, I’m going to stay super relevant.”Cut to many years and two kids later, and I can’t figure Snapchat out to save my life! Seriously, I can’t handle that interface.So while I feel culturally relevant in a lot of ways, there are so many areas of pop culture that I just say “meh” to now. I don’t have the time or the energy to keep up with Bieber’s girlfriends.So let’s take it easy on these poor parents who are just trying their best to stay hip.

1. One daughter’s trash is her dad’s treasure.

Look how happy he is!imagine1postfuterepeaple

2. “I might be a mom, but the club can’t even handle me right n—”

3. Why does every new person to the internet yell everything?


Reddit | [deleted]

4. I want to friend this guy immediately.

Seriously, this is way more exciting than half the posts I see on my feed.

Twitter | @oliviagirling

Who says parents aren’t relevant?

5. I love this. I equate it with the times my grandma posts personal messages as her status.


Twitter | @AudStuff

6. Hey, at least he’s a team player and got in the spirit!

He’s feeling the vibes, I can tell.

Twitter | @sammiemccomb
Okay, well that’s a pretty cute reason.

7. And sometimes they’re so relevant already they know how to troll like the best of ’em.


Reddit | theawsomjman

8. I complain about this kinda crap on the daily.


Twitter | @Relatabletxtes
I’ve literally seen footage of people needing to be saved with bystanders filming them. The Titanic would have been no different.

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